Borroloola Human Rights and Environment Advocacy Seminar

EDO NT spent the last week in Borroloola assisting with a human rights and environment advocacy seminar. Hats off to the Environment Centre NT, SEED & Action Aid for their efforts in what were an inspiring few days. Hats off also to our incredible indigenous friends in Borroloola and the strength and passion they bring when it comes to taking on the big issues in their community some of which are:
  • The McArthur River Mine’s impact on the environment and on community cohesion;
  • Overcrowded housing;
  • Not enough local jobs;
  • Perceived corruption within groups responsible for representing the community; and
  • Lack of resourcing for the health clinic.
We were grateful to be given a chance to share our knowledge and then witness community members bonding together and coming up with plans to tackle some of these issues. To voice your support of the community in its campaign to strengthen and improve their lives please like their facebook page, created during this seminar and in doing so increase the reach of their united voice. 12642703_1029576240436234_6313279708595572030_n