Kulaluk Lease Area – Proposed Heritage Declaration

Some of you will have attended a meeting on Saturday 19 March 2016 about the proposed heritage declaration for the Kulaluk Lease Area.  Below is the published ‘Statement of Heritage Value’ for the area, as drafted by the Northern Territory Heritage Council.  

It is open for comment until 28 March 2016

Statement of Heritage Value – Kulaluk Lease Area

The Kulaluk Lease Area symbolises the first land grant made to the Larrakia people in acknowledgement of their longstanding traditional ownership and occupation of land and seas in the Darwin region.  After an eight-year long struggle for recognition, it was the first land title granted to an Aboriginal group in an urban environment in Australia.

The Kulaluk Lease Area has a strong and special association with the Larrakia people for spiritual, cultural and social reasons.  The site is associated with Bobby Secretary and other Larrakia elders who were at the centre of the struggle for Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory in the 1970s.

Submissions: MUST BE MADE BY 28 MARCH 2016

The Heritage Act does specify (see section 26(2)(b) that submissions to the Heritage Council on the heritage significance of the Kulaluk Lease Area must be in writing.  We are currently seeking assurances from the Heritage Council that people can submit video or orally recorded submission, in the event they are unable to complete a written submission.

Submissions can be submitted either electronically or by post.

Postal submissions should be addressed to:

The Chair – Heritage Council:  PO Box 4198, DARWIN, NT, 0801

Submissions can be submitted electronically by email to the Chair, Heritage Council: