Law Reform

Parliament House, Darwin, NT

An important part of the EDO NT’s work is its policy and law reform work. We are a specialist environmental legal centre and our law reform work reflects this status. Like other EDOs we do not ordinarily campaign on particular environmental issues however we frequently put forward proposals suggesting ways that the law can be improved.

These proposals may be in the form of letters on behalf of clients, submissions to Government or advice to environment groups on current legal frameworks or proposed new laws.

You can view and download copies of our recent submissions below. Some of these submissions are in PDF format. You will need version 8 or higher of the free Acrobat Reader program to view them. EDO NT also contributes to submissions produced by the Australian Network of Environmental Defender’s Offices┬á(ANEDO). In the past few years ANEDO has produced a large number of submissions in relation to both Climate Change and the Commonwealth┬áEnvironment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act 1999.